About The Bo’ness Storehouse Foodbank

The Bo’ness Storehouse Foodbank was set up in September 2012 and has been operating successfully in the town since and has been responsible for providing 2,297 foodpacks to 106 different households in the town.

We also delivered 65 food hampers to clients at Christmas, as part of a joint venture with the local branch of the Salvation Army.

Those who need food aid are referred to Storehouse by the various social care organisations in Bo’ness and Falkirk District, which is then followed by a commitment from us to deliver food packs to the referred household.  The sizing of which depends on the number of inhabitants in the referred household.  We will then deliver the food packs once a week, for a minimum of six weeks, when a further referral is possible. We also assist with daily  emergency deliveries, when requested.

The Bo’ness Storehouse is managed and operated independantly of any other organisation, and we are reliant on a team of local volunteers and donations which come directly from the local community in Bo’ness.  Storehouse can be reached via email at storehouseproject7@gmail.com.

Donations of any consumables can be made to :

  • All local schools on collection days.
  • Any of the churches in Bo’ness
  • Tesco in town.